Irregular Verbs - with (S) and (ing)

การเติม s และ ing หลัง Irregular verbs
arise arises arising
awake awakes awaking
bear bears bearing
beat beats beating
become becomes becoming
begin begins beginning
bend bends bending
bet bets betting
bind binds binding
bite bites biting
bleed bleeds bleeding
bless blesses blessing
blow blows blowing
break breaks breaking
bring brings bringing
broadcast broadcasts broadcasting
build builds building
burn burns burning
burst bursts bursting
buy buys buying
catch catches catching
choose chooses choosing
cling clings clinging
come comes coming
cost costs costing
creep creeps creeping
crow crows crowing
cut cuts cutting
dare dares daring
deal deals dealing
dig digs digging
do does doing
draw draws drawing
dream dreams dreaming
drink drinks drinking
drive drives driving
eat eats eating
fall falls falling
feed feeds feeding
feel feels feeling
fight fights fighting
find finds finding
flee flees fleeing
fly flies flying
forbid forbids forbidding
forget forgets forgetting
forgive forgives forgiving
freeze freezes freezing
get gets getting
give gives giving
go goes going
grind grinds grinding
grow grows growing
hang hangs hanging
have has having
hear hears hearing
hide hides hiding
hit hits hitting
hold holds holding
hurt hurts hurting
keep keeps keeping
kneel kneels kneeling
knit knits knitting
know knows knowing
lay lays laying
lead leads leading
learn learns learning
leave leaves leaving
lend lends lending
let lets letting
lie lies lying 
light lights lighting
lose loses losing
make makes making
mean means meaning
melt melts melting
mistake mistakes mistaking
mow mows mowing
overhear overhears overhearing
oversleep oversleeps oversleeping
overtake overtakes overtaking
pay pays paying
prove proves proving
put puts putting
read reads reading
ride rides riding
ring rings  ringing
rise rises rising
run runs running
saw saws sawing
say says saying
see sees seeing
sell sells selling
send sends sending
set sets setting
sew sews sewing
shake shakes shaking
shave shaves shaving
shed sheds shedding
shine shines shining
shoot shoots shooting
show shows showing
shut shuts shutting
sing sings singing
sink sinks sinking
sit sits sitting
sleep sleeps sleeping
slide slides sliding
smell smells smelling
sow sows sowing
speak speaks speaking
speed speeds speeding
spell spelling spelling
spend spends spending
spill spills spilling
spin spins spinning
split splits splitting
spoil spoils spoiling
spread spreads spreading
spring springs springing
stand stands standing
stick sticks sticking
sting stings stinging
stink stinks stinking
strike strikes striking
swear swears swearing
sweep sweeps sweeping
swell swells swelling
swim swims swimming
swing swings swinging
take takes taking
teach teaches teaching
tear tears tearing
tell tells telling
think thinks thinking
throw throws throwing
understand understands understanding
undertake undertakes undertaking
upset upsets upsetting
wake wakes waking
wear wears wearing
weep weeps weeping
win wins winning
withdraw withdraws withdrawing
write writes writing

*Footnote : TENSES และกริยา 3 ช่อง โดยสำนักพิมพ์ประพันธ์สาส์น; พิมพ์ครั้งที่ 2: สิงหาคม 2540